Bike Vacation – Jogja City

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Aah it’s already august, this is the time when we’ll celebrate our independence day every year. Red-White flags and the other various of flags are everywhere, a lot of local competition like balap karung, children games, football using sarung or daster, etc already held on the beginning of the month.

My mind is hungry of more adventure after doing Cross Country by bike to Anyer last week :p. Hmm.. Jogja sounds nice to visit for this long weekend (15-17 august), but just ordinary visit seems so dull for me. Time to change our habit now!! bring also the bike will be damn crazy idea :D. First we should have the ticket, the train ticket to jogja is so impossible to get in this long weekend (already sold out), the option are whether to buy it from “calo” or use bus as alternative transportation. Well, buying ticket from “calo” will be so expensive and this vacation will not worthy anymore. So I took the bus, with only spend 125.000 IDR.

The transportation issue is solve, next i have to buy a big bag to wrap up my bike. By searching in site, i found one seller, he offers me his own made mtb-travel bag for price 400.000 IDR, quite expensive huh, but it’s worth it. Next, packing a bike is quite an art, it’s not simple to packing whole bike part into one bag, it’s take some knowledge cause your bike will take the cost if the way you packing not safe enough to cover the bike part, that’s why i searching and learn all tutorial about “travel with bike”, “how to pack your bike”, etc. Do it your self that’s the fun of packing a bike, from those activity you can understand a lot of bike part and its mechanism.

On Friday, after i finished my activity in the office, i went directly to bus pool, with my bike bag already there the night before, so don’t have to worried how to bring those bag after work. Right at 7.00pm the bus arrives, and we’re depart to jogja!!!

Arrive at Jogja around 9.00 am and unfortunatelly i’ve got fever… arrghh!! but vacation have to goes on, have a long sleep rest at the afternoon, on the night i am ready for nite ride. First of all my plan is having a good meal for dinner, yup i went to phuket resto near UKDW. Hmm… Yummy Slrrp!! Roti Cane, Salad Mangga Muda, Nasi Kari Ayam Khas Phuket so delicous. Next on the plan is muter-muter malioboro.. Horay!! enjoy the nite life in malioboro, i miss this place so.

The next morning when i ¬†am gonna go to Pabrik Pembuatan Bakpia 25, i saw some interesing view in McD Drive Thru, Ooh they’re having a test ride for Polygon Bike New Models, Goo get in!! In there i’ve got t-shirt and drink bottle for free, yuppy!! and also take a picture with 45 millions IDR’s bike ^^;

Continue my journey to Pathuk Street, explore pabrik bakpia 25, hmm.. interesting!! Have to go home and prepare for back to bekasi -.-


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