In Road Trip on January 10, 2009 by ardisama84

Who’ll sit next to me when i’m alone?


Who’ll cover my back when i’m defenceless?


Gmana Keren g? (^.^)y

Location: Ratu Boko Temple

Time: around 17.30 WIB

Camera: DSC-T2 Sony Cyber-shot


4 Responses to “Who?”

  1. wajah lo terlalu gelep ga keliatan….
    tp gpp deh…
    nih anak lg prustasi yah

  2. sotosopnya dipake donk…
    who’ll stab u in the back..
    I do… he5

  3. wah kyk orang mau bunuh diri lu je. ceritanya lagi bingung, minum baygon apa lompat dari tebing ya 😀


  4. Wakakkaka, Gua bener2 menjiwai jadi model nih….

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