Here I am!!

In Aje's News on April 11, 2008 by ardisama84

After 7 month haven’t got any job yet, finally on 11th February 2008 PT Samsung EIN asked me to join them. at first 6 month i will do trial period (Internship). i have passed 1,5 first month, and they’ve placed at AV Div. Quality Assurance for Automation Test position.

Me and My Team On Training Session (Loh Kok Kebalik??, Ga ada waktu Buat Ngedit :D)

Working here is so hectic, every day new development model come, and our department have to check all those model. every day on morning meeting my Sr. Manager Always Remembering us “Don’t ever work with logic, but work with rules. We’re the police of this company”, and i have no idea what to think about.

Like usual the first adaptation is always hard, everyone is busy with their own task, sometimes it’s so hard to ask a very simple think that i don’t know to them. In here, i mean my dept. the most of employee is from high school level only a few is from college, with average age 23, the youngest is still 19 years old.

Me at my desk

But now everything is fine, i can ask whatever i want to whoever they are. It’s my new family now, work, eat and pray together.

My Partner on my left side (Adityo AKA Komo)

Power Test Section, Right behind my back

On the first “Gajian” 😮 i’ve got around >3million IDR. And I have no idea what will i with this money. Hahahaha. finally just got some book, buy my ex-gF some stuff and the rest still on my bank account. though money is not everything, isn’t it?


2 Responses to “Here I am!!”

  1. wah, rese lu je, pala gua pegel nih, muter2. congartz deh!

  2. jek jek tetep aja lo jelek biarpun dipoto juga… ck ck ck… makin jelek aja lo jek dijakarta

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